Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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Hello one and all,

This is a blog? No it is more than a blog. It is were the villains live. As the author of the long running Instinct Series and Edge Series, I have created some of the most horrendous, evil-doers and dastardly villains of all time. People confuse me with these guys at times, and at times I am asked, "How can you write this stuff?" My reply, "How can you read it?" Else I say, "Wwwell...I grew up in Chicagooooooo." Other authors have come to me for lessons on how to create a villain readers love to hate, and this is the litmus test for each book I do. How can I possibly come up with a more horrific, disgusting villain than the one I just finished with, heh? This is a huge challenge for me as each of my rogues are terribly terribly bad boys or girls. Yes, Effie, I have done a number of BAD GIRLS in my FBI forensic series. Some villains don't know if they are male or female. This can be fun too. But now with the creation of City for Ransom...the Phantom of the Fair is one nasty piece of work, a villain's villain that Inspector Alastair Ransom in 1893 Chicago must catch before he causes distress to a city that is partying big time with the World's Fair going on....Alastair has been likened to Holmes, Wolfe, and even Nick Charles. The book has passed muster with 3 Chicago historians--tough critics indeed. The book has been likened to Caleb Carr's The Alienist but on speed. It has been favorably likened to Erik Larsen's non-fiction title Devil in White City but on speed. It has also been likened to the films of Wes Craven. Anyone out there get word to Wes, let me know.

But my most recent villainous creation is Carnivore Man found in the pages of PSI BLUE, a novel of psychic sensory investigation (think TV's Medium but on speed). However, my psychic is half Asian, half Celtic, and ALL woman. She is picking up the psychic fear coming off Carnivore Man who senses someone somewhere...and it ain't God...sees him....sees what he does to his victims...and what he does is paint his victims with glow in the dark metallic paint so he can hang them in his 'house of horrors'. A fun guy indeed, and you may be thinking now a crass book...but wait, it is written in a lovely and even poetic voice. Give it a chance when it becomes available in September via Echelon Press.

I will be doing some appearances, panels, conferences, signings this fall and this is the place to watch for the news, along with my website at

Meanwhile, perhaps my most fastest madest craziest novel ever is now a first-time original up at with their new Shorts program. FleshWar is an amazing way for you to lose weight, it is that 'disgustingly good', and it was turned down by editors as a book that literally ran tooooooo fast. Amazing reason to turn a book down, heh? But my editor at Amazon loved every hair-raising moment of FleshWar, and it has been serialized in 11 parts at a mere 49 cents per download. Parts 1-5 are up now and they are taking up space--4 or 5 spaces of the top ten horror titles on the list; it can also be found there under Science Fition & Fantasy category as well as Mystery-Suspense category. So'll love it.

As I said at the beginning. Creating the next, new villainous 'creature' whether a monster or a serial killer is often my toughest job as a novelist. In the pagesof my books, you will find an amzaing array of godawful creatures and maniacs. However, you will also find amazing heroes and heroines as well, heroes large enough and bright enough to tackle the worst villains on the planet. All in a context of language and literature you will marvel at as I grew up on the classics, and who wrote better villains than Conan Doyle, Alexander Dumas, Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevensen, H.G. Wells, and of course Abraham Stoker.

Thanks for hanging out with me. Hope you enjoy the blog so far. I am going to see what I can do about some visuals here, so just give me time. I am new to this bloggin' thing.

Robert W. Walker (Rob)