Thursday, May 24, 2007

Chicago Tribune gives it up for Shadows in White City

Disclaimer:  THIS is a Re-Posting of one of Dirty Deeds Earliest posts:

Turning my blog over to this marvelous review garnered for my latest
exciting installmetn in the Ransom Series -- sequel to City for Ransom,
the April-May release of Shadows in the White City...enjoy the review:

"Shadows in the White City," the second novel in Robert W. Walker's
historical mystery saga featuring tenacious Chicago Police Inspector
Alastair Ransom, can be likened to getting sucker-punched in the
face with brass knuckles: It's shocking, unrelentingly brutal and
guaranteed to leave an impression.

Walker, who grew up and still lives in Chicago, deftly mixes
hard-boiled mystery and meticulously researched historical fiction
with a hint of horror to create a wildly entertaining series.
Set in 1893 Chicago during the World's Fair, Walker's novel shows us
a world of extremes: In the midst of one of the most socially and
culturally influential events of the century, an almost-mythical
cannibalistic butcher nicknamed the Leather Apron haunts the Chicago
underground, preying on homeless children. But when the short-tempered
Ransom├»¿ whose investigatory methods are far from by-the-book├», closes
in on the mysterious killer, the identity of the human flesh-eating monstrosity
turns his world upside down. "Shadows in the White City" is historical
mystery at its best."