Sunday, December 21, 2014

In the event you were looking for more information regarding the latest Dr. Jessica Coran novel, The FEAR Collectors - #13 in my most popular series, The Instinct Series, find it here:,%20Bk#13 is now available: The Fear Collectors - a Dr. Jessica Coran M.E. mystery (The ... How dark can a killer's mind get?

Merry Christmas and Thanks to all my READERS and future READERS!! Rob Walker

Sunday Mornings and TIME...

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Sunday, Sunday... a day to take stock of all that we have accomplished during the previous six days... a day of respite and relaxation but for most writers, also a day of serious reflection.

An author is nothing if not a clock watcher. How much can get done in fifteen minutes otherwise wasted? Time is a useful tool that a prolific writer puts to work at every turn, which may well annoy hell out of those around him or her, and yet we all know nothing gets completed without our noses to the grindstone, and we only get there, to that grinding when we use our time wisely.

Setting goals begins with time at the job. Treating one's writing as a job or career puts us in the frame of mind that we need a schedule, and if not a schedule an attitude that prompts up to get things done and use our time well in the process.

Putting work off and off and off as a procrastinator is only good and worthwhile during the staging or planning or research phase of writing a full-length work of fiction or nonfiction for that matter. Pages only accrue if we put in the time.

People call time a man-made artifice and as true as that may be, we still have to use it and not let it use us entirely; that is allow time to wash over us as if we have NO control over it. In order to get a novel thought out, organized, written, edited, rewritten to completion, we must rope time and ride it like a bucking bronco--that is, if we really and truly want to have a finished product at the end of our labors.

While writing may be a labor of love, it is also the product of a great deal of blood, sweat, tears, and TIME put in. Without being conscious of time and ignoring it as a useful TOOL for the author, said writer will accomplish less, lesser, less still.

Time is a precious commodity; give over to it those things you prize. If you truly prize writing, you will create a time and place for it to happen. And yes, a writing space/place is just as important - a setting where one can utilize writing time without the many distractions that are pulling at us all the TIME. Distractions that rob us of our time at the keyboard.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dirty Deed Done of Late...

This year I have been extremely busy, and as a result have had to put aside blogging for awhile...a long while. I have done two new Instinct Series titles, #12 & #13. The Edge of Instinct was completed last January or so and placed up for Kindle publication. It is a combination book, that is it combines the Edge Series characters with the ensemble from the Instinct Series. The Edge of Instinct has a lovely, distinctive cover by the way, done by and looks like this:
The novel is also an title as well, along with many other Instinct and Edge Series titles. I have placed up 37 titles this past year and a half.

The other Instinct title is  The FEAR Collectors - #13 in the Instinct Series, and it takes a whole new twist. These last two titles come after Jessica Coran has retired from the FBI, but she is continuing as a 'gun for hire' as a consulting profiler and medical examiner. She's as tough and as strong as ever.  Here is the cover art for The Fear Collectors also done by my favorite cover artist listed above:

This title is a Kindle ebook only. I will eventually get it into and like oher of my works, hopefully get it into paper via  The Fear Collectors puts a whole new twist on Dr. Jessica Coran, showing that she can still GROW and Flourish...but it comes at terrible price.

In addition to the two above titles completed over the past year, I also dredged up an older manuscript that I feel is an important story that does for the American Indians what Glory did for the Black soldiers of the American Civil War.  THE RED PATH - Indian Brigades in the Civil War is what I am referring to. I have a hugely soft spot in my heart for this title. I cannot count the number of times I have written and rewritten this book, first attempts being a nonfiction title. Finally, I went back to what I know and turned it into a historically accurate account intertwined with an imagined romance. Here is the cover art here, also done by :

This title is only available for now as a Kindle eBook (and via Kindle app. of course). It tells the true story of the Indian Brigades who fought on the side of the North and the South. Per capita the "state" of Indian Territory lost more men in the war than any other state in the Union or the Confederacy. Per capita, that is. Many lives lost when brothers of the same campfire came to blows in the White Man's War.  I mix in a romance to keep the pot boiler boiling.

In addition over the past 14 months, I also rewrote two other early novels for the Young Adult market. One was strictly a boy's book on how George Washington's first artillery 'fell' into his hands. A fascinating historically accurate account mixed with a coming of age imaginary tale of Ben Cross & The Guns of Ticonderoga. Cover art below done by same graphic artist company:

This title is a kindle eBook but also a wonderfully narrated title. I love what the narrator did with this novel. Stirringly read!

Finally, in this same 14 month time-period, I just completed a 3rd novel lifted from my old trunk. This one a Young Adult historical romance set during the time of the Black Hawk War in the Fox River Valley, Illinois entitled ANIMIKI & The Keepers of the Fire. It has been such a pleasure doing these YA titles, and they really can be appreciated by any age group. Here is Stephen R. Walker's cover art again (my son, the genius):

This title is at this time a Kindle eBook only. Eventually hope to get it in with the same narrator who did such a tremendous job on The Canoneers. This tells a love story--an Indian love story that moves our hero to great lengths but it is a young adult historical romance and a coming of age story that can be appreciated by anyone of any age.

So as I said, I have been extremely BUSY of late.  I am hoping to revive the Dirty Deeds blog here.

Thanks for reading this far!

Rob Walker

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pure Instinct by Robert W. Walker - Narrated by Ted Brooks

A Writx Process Blog: Does My Writing Process Make Sense?

Roxe Anne Peacock invited me to do a Writing Process Blog, so here I am doing it. Roxe is the author of Leave No Trace, Fatal Catch and The History Lover’s Cookbook. Her decade-long participation in Civil War reenactments and an avid interest in history inspired the above-mentioned cookbook. View her blog at

Blogging it forward, I will invite 3 other authors on to answer questions about their process in writing the dirty deeds they commit to paper.  I will ask the same four questions of myself here of them:

What are you currently working on?

I have been working slowly on a new crime novel entitled The Fear Collector, but progress has been slowed by life problems for one, but also due the fact I am engaged currently in putting up my previous 55 titles now on Kindle onto audio book format via and consequently and iTunes for sale. I currently have completed nearly 20 titles ready and selling, but am in various stages of producing 27 other titles. This means I am a busy fellow along with teaching four classes....sigh.  Thusly, my work in progress has had to take a back burner. Still it is halfway completed.

Why do I choose to write the kind of novels and short stories I do?

I have a warped, sick sense of things such as life and death, I suppose. While I write in a variety of genres from strictly horror with monsters abounding, I also write psychological suspense thrilers, forensics files, young adult, alternate history, history-horror, and paranormal detectives. I do add touches of science fiction and romance into some titles, and some I call Hystery Mystery. As a child, I was reared on One Step Beyond and such as The Twilight Zone. Look at it this way, heroes are Rod Serling and Mark Twain, so I blend dark humor in with the frights and high praise for me is when a reader tells me she literally threw my book across the room, hit the cat, cat leaped and landed on sleeping hubby, woke him...then she with flash light in hand goes to retrieve the offending book to finish it off.

How are your books different from others in your category?

My novels are shockers no matter the genre I am writing in, and as I have said above, I delve into many categories of fiction. I have seen other authors triangulate a few of the five senses in a scene, which is good, but I go for all five whenever, wherever possible, and when I cannot legitimately scare a reader with psychological frights, I will go for the jugular every time. Mine are filled with action, a sizable seismograph and no straight line story is going to come out of me.  Twists and turns are my watchword along with making the reader the main character. By that, I mean for the duration of the novel, I want to hold the reader complete enthralled. To that end, I pull out all the stops to the locomotive of the forward moving dynamo of the plot built around memorable characters.

How Precisely do you worm a book out of your head?

One scene at a time. Start with a character's hands busily at are already in action and in the middle of things. Build this scene out of which the next will flow. Trust your story and your establishing opening shots. If they are good and true, a second scene will organically suggest itself to you from your own reading of scene one.  When young, my approach was to get the book entirely out of my head, finished, kaput so that I would have a product on paper to then go in and WRITE for real - rewrite, painstakingly so. My process has however evolved so to speak, as now I do a couple few chapters, go back, reread up till what I have completed, and then carry on to the next few scenes, then go back, re-read and re-edit again as I go, rearranging as I go in much more an ocean wave, parabola fashion. Comes with experience, I suspect

For more detail on all my process and method and tools, get hold of my How-To for the Dysfunctional Writer in Us All  entitled  DEAD ON WRITING, an ebook soon to be an audio book.

I am going to attempt to get 3 additional guests authors to speak to these same concerns/questions. I will attempt to get as my guests Les Robert, John Everson, and a surprise guest #3 - if I can get him....Ed Gorman, and if not Harry Shannon.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

NIKOLAS BARON - Guest Blooger @Dirty Deeds / To Make Editing a BREEZE

GUEST BLOGGER - NICK BARON  with a great article on easing the pain of EDITING and PROOFREADING -- I love what Nick has to say here.  Enjoy and do SHARE!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Rob Walker's Amazing Class for Writers

Take my class - in six weeks you will learm more about writing and have more insight into your own writting than any handful of classses in creative writing you have ever taken. I take 30 of your pages and turn them into a workshop as together we autopsy your style and if you can take it, we find out what might well be keeping you from commercial success but in plenty of rejection slips. Six weeks of access via email with yours truly. Only complaint I ever got was to be called a Butcher, a compliment really to a developmental editor.  Payment is a mere $90 and it could change your life as it has many previous students.

If interessted, contact me at inkwalk at SBC global dot net.

Now go read some of my articles below.

Rob Walker

Saturday, January 19, 2013

REGARDING Reviews on Amazon.... been a long, long-standing argument as to how important they much people do or do not pay attention to them. The often vile, personal attacks by noids and jealous people who are frustrated, cannot themselves get published legitimately or any other way, have not figured out how to write themselves, etc is RAMPANT on there, and few have been as attacked by ridiculous one-star enthusiasts as I have.

The EXACT SAME book side by side with the vile personal attack on the author goes hand in hand with thoughtful 3, 4, and 5 star reviews. Often a RAVE review from a reader then is summed up as the author's buddy or mother. Frankly, my mother has an opinion of my work. She thinks it is terrifying and filled with way too many curse wrods and OMGs and Jesuses, etc. She will hammer me on taking the Lord's name in vain.

That aside, reviews are only helpful in how they can be culled and stripped for use as a marketing tool, so anytime anyone anywhere - not necessarily on Amazon - has a kind word to say about your book or your skill in writing then it is encumbent upon you to SPREAD that word wherever. whenever you can. I quote my readers who comment on my books on facebook and twitter as well as tossing up reviews from Amazon onto my facebook page, and I do drive twitter and facebook friends to where they can find reviews on amazon but also on any blogs, etc.

A review, even a 3-star, can be very helpful and enticing. I often use the TITLE of the REVIEW and url to garner interest because many Amazon reviewers have quite imaginative and descriptive and complimentary TITLES. Of course the one-star titles will be awful, but I have even done this with one-star reviews just to LAUGH in the face of them, but HIGHLIGTING them and showing them up for the stupidity that 99 percent of them are. Yes LAUGH at it. For instance, the idiot who judged my entire 140,000 double-novel TITANIC 2012 purely on the basis of the cover art. The reading of the book will have explained in no uncertain ABYSS dive style that we do have the technology in the book to make a DIVE INTO a shipwreck 3000 miles below the surface POSSIBLE. The book explains it; the cover depicts it. The SAME for BISMARCK 2013 also some 3000 miles below the surface.

Never judge a book by its cover UNLESS it makes you BUY mine! LOL. For that reason, make your covers sparkle and jump off the page.

Anyhow back to reviews. You might want to do this which is how I got a lot of reviews. I posted on my FB Wall that I would GIFT a copy of the book to anyone willing to read and review it on Amazon. No strings attached save that one provios. Free book, free review to me.

Not everyone who takes you up on the offer comes through for you; some will disappoint you, but some will come through for you and it is worth it. Worth your paying for the book to get that review. Is it underhanded? Hell no. Every publiher sends out FREE REVIEW COPIES by the hundreds, and they get back a very small percentage of return on that investment but if those few revews are good to great, then you can use them forever. Clive Cussler called my first Instinct title, Killer Instinct "MASTERFUL" and my then publisher in NYC used that single word culled from his remark that I did female characters far better than he could ever hope to for years afterward on all my 11 Instinct titles thereafter. 

Do feel free to leave a comment; let me know you've been by....

So GET reviewed by going AFTER reviews.

Rob Walker

Friday, November 23, 2012


You want to know what I think is sad in all this new finagled (newfangled?) publishing paradigm? What is sad is that over the MANY years before Kindle was born and longer still before Amazon showed up on the scene, publishers - big publishers - and distributors - big time distributors were eating up all the smaller fish in the pond. Gobble gobble toil and trouble. It comes as no surprise to anyone who had been in the publishing Casino (it is more a horse race or roulette wheel than a business in my estimation)...anyhow anyone in the casino for my time in knows that now that it has come first down to the big SIX publishers left and maybe fewer big Distributors of the units you and I call books, we will not be surprised to learn it went down recently to the Big FIVE... and rumors on the horizon calling it soon the BIG THREE.

Imagine that, every publishing company in the US controlled by three corporations. So much for mom and pop publishers? Certainly, any that had any large following such as Algonquin Press is now under the umbrella of a major corp.  Ten Speed Press. You name it.  And while there remain small presses out there, many with extremely high standards from Krill Press and Echelon to Five Star and more, the shrinkage in publishing outlets has been a horror show to watch.

What has it done for authors? It has put us all on alert and many of us who are too smart to wait around for a year or more to sell a book, then a year or two to see it actually published, all the while making NOTHING in the way of green, no way to pay the bills in such a system... well the smart
ones among us, we have GONE fishing....NO  not fishing, we have GONE Indie Authorship; we have become our own bosses, we have become intrepid entrepreneurs thanks to ala

At this site anyone can publish at no cost and you go into an immediate mode of publishing partnership with Amazon. This means as Barry Eisler encouraged all of us BEFORE kindle to do -- take charge of our own Writing Business. That means we become public relations and marketing, we become the guys who give thumbs up or down on cover art, and we write our own book description, and we become our own bandwagon and sales force.

I know that sounds tough and it sounds like you are giving up much too much in the way of BIG MAJOR Publisher coddling you and sending you on jet planes across America and putting you name up in lights and on marquees (bookstores ought to have marquees over the top!). But guess what, by the time you become the next Janet Evanovich or Stephen King or even Stephen Hawking, you will have cobwebs growing out your ears. While in the meantime, you can publish that book and begin sales in an hour or two.

Way back in 2005, Award-winning author Barry Eisler, author of the famous Rain books as in Killing Rain, wrote in MJ Rose's blog (another major author) that writers need to quit bellyaching about their poor sales and poor relations with their publishers and take control instead. Treat their quite artistic productions as business people by putting on the entrepreneur's hat. Seven YEARS ago a lot of us were saying you have to treat your work as best you can as a business venture, and Barry laid out a long list of process and method to get you there. It was reprinted in the infamous newsletter put out by the MWA - mystery writers of America - The Third Degree.  The point of my blog -- by going Indie Author ala Kindle or any other ebook process, we smart guys who beat our heads against the NYC curtains and walls of NYC publishing have freed ourselves of untold burdens that frankly no one ever wanted to hear us complain about, so I won't complain about them here. What I will say is the discovery of one's courage in taking the leap of faith, and the discovery of a new found freedom among the new fandango of a new publishing reality has been WONDERFUL and PROFITABLE.