Wednesday, May 26, 2010

FINIS First Draft - Titanic 2012, Centenary

The Titanic book is finished and it is pretty large...Titanic in fact at 444 pgs. I am happy to report I made it in three and a half months to this plateau, that of reasonably good first draft that needs editing, rereading for flow and sense, sound and sense, I call it. But am feeling pretty good about its chances of being an extra fine draft.

I will know more once I have printed out a hard copy to go over it as now an editor. I must take off my writing hat and put a hold on the right side of my brain and turn on the left while donning the editor's cap and visor. Have to see the lines and read them aloud and feel them as an editor now. Cut out the unneeded and unwanted, the errant comma, punctuation problems, missteps, all of it. Got to make it CLEAN. At least as clean as i can make it....until I feel I can clean no more.

Now comes the fun part. Actually, I enjoy rewrites. A lot of author fight em but I feel you can stumble on your best plot twists, build stronger more fully realized characters, fatten up descripts, tighten up dialogue and for me it is like watching a film unfold as I edit. I hear the characters speak, and I smell the odors, and feel the texture of the story, and in this case two stories.

Yes it will be one hundred years since the launch and the death of Titanic in 2012 -- wherein I set my future scenes with David. It makes good sense to not go too far in the future and this way the hundred years takes on a symbolism in the story all its own.

Well I am tired and weary eyed and bleary eyed while typing this; thanks for hanging with me this far. The journey is far from over....but now I am thinking the book may well be done done far earlier than a year. Much depends on the reRead and reWrite. ReWriting is Writing in my book.

The new title I am toying with is TITANIC 2012 - Curse of RMS Titanic and I kinda like that.

Again thanks for hanging with me....been a while since I posted as have zoomed from page three fifty to 444 and concentrating on the light at the end of the tunnel has kept me busy.

Rob Walker
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DR. NORM said...

Good for you. Now get that rewrite done and off to a publisher. You are wished great success with this project. Love the idea of 2012.

Rob Walker said...

You did not hear? I am sending it to a publisher I know will take it on in a heartbeat - Robert W. Walker publishing w/Kindle ala Yes miracles do happen; my dream since childhood was to become independently wealthy so as to be my own publisher -- and since it cost me nothing to kindle my books, and I am sole owner and publisher of the 44 works already up on Kindle, Titanic will not waste a year or two or past the Titanic Centenary (great marketing possibilities here) as would happen if I went to an agent or a publisher. Agents and publishers are too slow for me and always have been. Besides, I can make more money with Titanic 2012 on Kindle than anywhere else since I have been labeled a sad midlist author in MYC due to bottom line thinking. Now on Kindle one's midlist author status and record of sales can be worn like a badge.

This month alone I sold over 30 copies of 23 of my books, and 80 copies of Killer Instinct alone, and 70 copies of Children of Salem. Like to see that happen for any author in any traditional publishing house who is among their "stable" of midlist authors that they do zip budget for while they are pushing Fergie's children's books, Palin's children's books, and Pamela Andeerson's children's books....hehehe Rather tired and weary of working with the old ways and am onto the new evolution in publishing - the one that is giving best results to the author.

I expect to earn 800 bucks this month for my Kindle titles and earn umpteen new, young, excited readers using the Kindle Reader.

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