Saturday, March 20, 2010

Contest to Name my Next Book ongoing/Hit page 100

Want to remind everyone that a free hardcover edition of Dead On is yours, signed...signed by moi....for a mere comment left here on a better title than mine, PlagueShip Titanic, my working title which I am not so happy with....Also the winner gets his or her name IN the novel on the acknowledgment page for Naming the Novel. That's a double win!  Competiton is so sparse anyone might win at this point!  Keep those comments coming in; contest rules - there are none!  It is that easy!  Contest continues throughout March and if nothing better comes through the door it may be extended but hoping NOT.

Now as to progress on the novel; I have recreated the lost pages from memory, and while not word for word, I have the scenes back and intact. Happy camper but it still took a chunk of time to rewrite from my head!  So I am out a couple of weeks and due to the slow start am behind a month so must annoounce now that I am not going to make the first deadline of a rough draft in three months.Darn it's going to take four at least. I am so pleased however with the way it is going that I forgive myself.

It is not unusual to have rocky road problems at the outset of getting a novel underway, getting those first scenes--establising people, places, and issues or themes down on paper; it is why we call it a rough draft. The real work comes in rewriting these opening scenes until every pore in your body is shouting YES, that's wha I'm talking about! Hitting page one hundred has that effect on me.  Getting to that first hundred in writing a novel tells me the book can and will get done.

I was right to interweave the Past story chapteers with the Present story chapters sooner as it helps to compel the pace along for each separate storyline. First time around, I had two chapters opening with the Past story followed by two chapters of the Future story (or modern day tale). But giving it further thought, I deicded to tighten and cliffhang each storyline better by alternating chapter one then two, followed by three then four.  Past, Present, Past, Present - like that.  It has a much faster pace as a result and hopefully, the new balance will appeal to readers. I think it will; hope so.

This got me thinking along with the fact I began writing new scenes before recreating the lost ones from memory; got me thinking how most novels are written NOT in this manner. First you have the two storylines coinciding right alongside one another, and most importantly, I began writing scenes out of timeline as they do in shooting movies. I found this a challenge. I know I want that scene but have not written the previous one yet. Tricky and I know I will have to go back and read from the beginnnng up to this point to be sure I have not flubbed a lot of things that could be flubbed working out of chrnonological order. I hope my characters will all support me and be sports about how erratic the writiing is going so far, but I have every confidence in them. 

I am happy so far with the characterizations and the plot; I work hard to make plot and character involved with one another. Like most of my books before this, I am dhallenging myself to do somethiing fresh and new as I am not interested in doing the same book over and over, using same formula, even in series work. I want my characters to grow, change, react as well as act. I am so happy too to be working again with Inspedtor Alastair Ransom despite his fall from grace and using an AKA and hiding out from certain authorities.

A gtreat deal  more dialouge has been added, and pages are building, but there is a great deal more to go. Best get back at it. Any questions, suggestions, comments please add a suggestion on the title. To get ideas for the title think Titanic...doom and gloom, a plague aboard, karma,  Meanwhile, I will keep working on the worldview and mindset of each of the characters.

Thanks and happy writing - latest Kindle titles are Killer Instinct and Aftershock!

135 ebooks with my name on the covers have sold this month at the Kindle bookstore. If you are one who has purchased, please consider doing a review of the book on; you would have my undying gratification (for what that's worth!)


APMonkey said...

Great blog. Found you via Konrath and am having fun exploring. Also found you on Twitter and am following you there (I'm APMonkey).

If it is acceptable, I have two title suggestions: "Raising the Dead" or "Death for Ransom".

Chris V. said...

wow Rob, that's good ebook sales. A title... thinking...

Dead at Sea

have to think more....

Gilly said...

I'm glad I found your blog.

What about Doomship for a title?

Dena said...

Pestilence Aboard, Pestilence Watch, Plague Watch, Pestilence Passage, or Pestilence Passenger or you could always take a cue from Prince and just not have a formal title and go with a symbol instead. Use the flag from history, the black spot, that meant there was plague aboard the ship.

Not knowing the plot of the book does make this a bit difficult, so I hope all goes well. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Good luck with whichever title you choose.

Michelle said...

Violins played, death danced

Robin said...

O.K. let's see. How about, "Splinters of Fate" ?


Jo said...

Cruise to Forever

Michelle said...

Karmic Voyage

Rob Walker said...

Oye - now this is great; so many choices I am go to have to put my brain to work on all these great suggestions. March is quickly coming to an end, so will have to make a decision soon. Many of your suggestions are rattling round in my head; will have to put them in Large Letters on a page and Bold and Italics them to see how they lay on the page. Up to 140p now so the storyline is moving along. Notice how I did not do an outline. I will have to discuss why I choose not to do an outline and why it is fine for some, not for others to do outlines. Much of it has to do with how we are wired differntly. Will get into that this week at the blog; about time to update. Thanks so much everyone who has submitted titles. Earlier posts have gathered in titles as well. I need to take time to list them all for everyone and maybe put it up for a vote to help me decide. Make the decision a bit more democratic.


Sue said...

Titanic's Dance of Death
Death Entombed
Titanic's Last Waltz
Silent Death
Titanic's Last Waltz
Titanic: Waltz of Death
Titanic: Grave Ship
Titanic's Shadow
SHadow SHip

Gary said...

Enjoy your work. Title: Wave Walker

Gary said...

Enjoy your work. Title: Wave Walker