Saturday, March 06, 2010

Time And Time Again Time Wins, Writer Loses...But!

Again my week was so filled with everything and anything pulling me away from the writing of Plagueship Titanic that I got next to nothing done.  In fact as it is the book is sitting with this inertia-inspired grin on its face staring back at me.  Ever have that happen?  If so, you may want to get thee to an asylum.  But books do have a way of smirking at you, talking back even, as when characters and scenes won't do what you want them to, or simply go in another direction.

This business of Cooking up a Book is no piece of cake; no one said it'd be easy, and I promised the blemishes with the smooth skin, now didn't I?  Scheduling time to write can come back to bite you, especially if you have kids in the home and you are working a job.  Fatigue and time and inertia all conspire against you, and when you down the evening meal with every expectation that a bit of food will energize you to do some evening work....well no, it rather puts you in a frame of mind to relax instead with the evenng news and a favorite TV lineup.

I write best in the AM frankly but when a deadline is looming, I write all hours of the day.  The motivation of someone is wating on your finished product is a great help to keep you on schedule but you do not often have the luxury of knowing there is an agent or editor "anxious" to see your product.  That is definitely the case with a cross-genre novel like PlagueShip as it can not be pigonholed as a suspense, a mystery, an historical thriller, science fiction, or a horror novel -- as it is all of the above with a romance thrown in for spice.

Thus this weekend I again am making time -- key word there is MAKING it, creating time for writing.  I have done it in the past and can do it now. A magician's trick.  You make time for those things you deem important and just plain in need of DOING.  Doing is the trick and without it there is no production, no "rushes"  for the day that you can go over and rewrite.  Cannot rewrie what ye do not write.

That said I did get two suggestions for titles to replace Plagueship Titanic as I am not married to said working title and there is a Contest going on for best alternative title.  The two I have so far are neck and neck on the interest scale but I expect more to come in as contestants have until the end of March to come up with a gripping title that encompasses in capsule form the nature of the novel.  To ENTER your suggestion for a better title it might help to see the suggestions already made....then again it might paralyze you.  At this point, I will await more suggestions and list these next week on the 6th Installment to give you a chance to enter fresh and without any preconcieved idea that "I could never top that!"  Do lealve your suggestion for the title to win an ackknowledgment in the book and an autographed copy of DEAD ON in your mailbox by going to the comment box below and leaving word.

I intend once again to get at least twenty-five pages done this weekend to make up for my shoddy laziness of the week. Weekends, holidays, Spring Breaks, Summertime, Christmas, New Years--these are writing days where I often use time to devote to my writing.  If and when I become independently wealthy with too much time on my hands, I will likely not use time as wisely and will get even LESS done in terms of crafting novels. I have found that students with less time do better work than those who have twice the time. A strange paradox that time thing.

Going to keep this short so I will sign off now and get to work on PlagueShip. Meanwhile do vistit to see a great review of my ebook Kindle Original - Children of Salem.  And to learn just how wonderful Kindle ebooks have been to some Indie Authors like myself check out Joe Konrath's blog as it is amazing.

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Rob Walker


Lauren Johnson said...

I once got up at 2am to write a short story, did I wreck my sleeping habits? Absolutely! But I got that story done and it was quiet, which is a rare gift. I know exactly what you mean...not the part about an editor who's anxious. Not yet anyway.

Rob Walker said...

Lauren, I have found a trick so I can get sleep and keep an idea fixed in my brain for the story next morning -- jot down a single word of your inspired notion on a notepad beside your bed and when you awake next day, the whole idea, plot, all of it rushes right into your conscious mind from your unconscious mind and viola - story plus sleep. Least it works for me. Try it sommetime.