Friday, May 13, 2011

Kindle is King and ahhh...Walker

Finally, I am on a level playing field with all the major writers as I am taking up just as much space on the Kindle Shelf as any other author, no matter the name. Thanks and praise be to Kindle. Honestly, every chance I get, I push the Kindle reader as every time a Kindle dedicated eReader is sold, I hear a Ka-Chinging in my ear. I have posted posiive on Kindle on my facebook, pushed it one twitter and on chat groups as well as my blogs. Definitely, the thing for all of us to do - just as we should all be pushing LITERACY...

The Kindle has reKindled more readig in America than any other device known to man in modern times. Just recently, I pushed on an article that explained that the kinde is the top selling gadget of all gadgets that people WANT - such news is good for us all.

Frankly, after working with some 8 or 9 different publishers and as many agents over the years, guess who has been my best partner in crime and books? AMAZON, yes, and I kiss the ground CEO Bezos walks on as he, more than any publisher on the planet, had done more for WRITERS than anyone anywhere. When did an Indian like me (part, very small part Cherokee) ever get such a great "contract" or Treaty from a white man? A 70/30 split favoring this Mississippi born hybrid? WOW and come on!

Plus, and this is a huge plus with anyone who had gone the rounds with NYC publising -- plus I can't reject myself! I send it off to my publisher, who is  now ME, and I get special treatment - last five book length works, no rejection, no returns to speak of, and no remainders! No 'special events' or 'special sales' for which I earn nada, zip.  No waiting on a vauge, questionable royalty check filled with mysterious bookkeeping that revolves around an antiquated system of withholding author payment on basis of the dreaded RETURNS. No waiting a year and a half to see the book take shape and get 'clothes' and back copy and pricing while you have no say-so in any of it.  Gone are those days.

In point of fact, there are so many pluses to becoming an Indie author that I placed up my last five titles without the bother of taking them again to an agent or a publisher, washing my hands of the entire system and replacing it with me, myself, and I.  A dream come true for this ol' country boy.

Rob Walker
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Mark Terry said...

You're a lot more enthusiastic about it then I am, but then again, you've got a lot more books out than I do. I've got 13 books, some I put up myself, others still controlled by publishers...

I WILL say in agreement, that it's a rare communication with my publishers or my agent that doesn't leave me wanting to bang my head against the wall, while when I think about e-self-publishing I pretty much think, "Okay, let's do it. No muss, no fuss."


Caroline Clemmons said...

I don't have the clout you do fan wise, but I agree Kindle is the greatest thing to come along for writers in a long time. I also love it as a reader. The only thing I don't like is being able to pass my books along to family and friends. As a writer, that's good; as a reader, no so much.

Regge Ridgway said...

Great post and blog. I am a fan. I received my kindle for fathers day past. It is already choked and bloated with novels I may never read. However, it is allowing me to read more than ever. I also listen to audible novels on it as my commute is an hour each way. Three times a week. I plan to read and listen on my vacation these next two weeks. I have found many new authors, like yourself who I am reading due to the low cost of Ebooks. My first novel is coming out soon as an ebook. I can only hope for a modest success but feel good to be publishing at the right time in history. Thanks again for your words. Reggie Ridgway