Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Your website is your calling card, like your business card, so you want it to be as attractive as possible, and when you hear back from people who have visited your site, you want to be responsive, to make changes to it if it makes sense to do so.

My website has a great look thanks to my son's graphic art genius.  Not long ago the folks at First Turning Point reviewed this website, and as a result I had changes made.  Even more recently, having had enough complaints about its opening with sound/music, I squelched the sound and replaced the one youtube with another video that could be turned on and off with a button.

Go to First Turning Point to see the initial review of the site.  Find it here. Let me know what you think of this author's site. Drop me a comment.  Here is where you can find the review.  Below that is the website url itself.


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